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The World Map is one of the Game Mechanics in Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

Description[edit | edit source]

The world map connects all of the areas in Battle Chasers Nightwar. Navigate your hero party between town and dungeons by traveling along the road. When on the road you may encounter enemies and loot caches. Completing dungeons will cause time to pass, restocking vendor inventories, respawning creatures and restoring shrines on the world map. Good luck. traveler!

Enemy Encounters
Stepping on these will begin combat with a single group of enemies.
Multiple Wave Enemy Encounters
Stepping on these will begin combat against multiple waves of enemies.
Loot Cache
Interact with these to gain various Items and equipment you can outfit your heroes with or use to craft new items.

Your party's health and mana persist through all encounters. Try and conserve your energy for Dungeons! If you find yourself having trouble advancing, try increasing your power level by replaying completed areas at harder difficulties. Don‘t forget to recharge your health and mana by resting at the Harm's Way Inn.

The Lost Continent[edit | edit source]

The Grey Line. An impenetrable wall of mist hovering over the West Waters, stretching endless from north to south, and towering from ocean crest to dark sky above. Nothing has ever come from, or survived entering, the historic monolith. The great hero Aramus felt a calling from the Grey Line and crossed, despite the dangers. And like countless warriors, vagabonds, fugitives and fortune seekers before him, never returned. Now, his daughter Gully and her unlikely band of Adventurers venture into the mist to uncover her father’s mission.

Along the way they'll meet Friend and Foe alike while piecing together the silent history of the Grey Line, and the dark secrets within.

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