Battle Chasers: Nightwar Wiki

Wargolem Lancer is one of the various Machines of the Bestiary in Battle Chasers: Nightwar.


An ancient wargolem built for fighting off many foes at once. It is able to take a defensive position, from which it can absorb damage and redirect it back at its enemies.


Combat Abilities[]

  • Sentinel Stance: Gains immense defense and increases attack power for each time he is struck until his Shield is lowered.
  • Guardian Stab: Deals massive damage. Only usable from Sentinel Stance.
  • Shield Blades: Empowers his Shield, dealing damage to attackers for each attack received. Lasts 3 turns and has a short cooldown.
  • Impale: Deals heavy damage.


  • Dark-Iron Shield Fragment
  • Deep Iron Plating
  • Galvanized Mech Plating

Beast Perks[]

  • Technomancer: Defeat 30 tech creatures.
    • Increases Stamina by 1% for all heroes.
  • Boss Crusher: Defeat 15 bosses.
    • Increases Stamina by 5% for all heroes.
  • Junker Hunter: Defeat 100 enemies from Junktown.
    • Increases Haste by 1% for all heroes.