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Pugilist is one of the various Bandits of the Bestiary in Battle Chasers: Nightwar.


A master fighter among the bandits, preferring his fists to conventional weapons. Beware his counter stance, in which hitting him will make his next attack stronger. Master of the Chi Strike, which seems weak at first but deals massive damage once an action is taken by the person struck with it.


Combat Abilities[]

  • Counter Stance: Enters a defensive stance that reduces damage taken and increases the damage of his next attack for each time he is struck while in the stance.
  • Chi Strike: Deals light damage, followed up by heavy piercing damage the next time the target takes an action.


  • Scraps of Thick Hide
  • Frayed Silk Scraps

Beast Perks[]

  • Bounty Hunter: Defeat 100 bandits.
    • Increases Attack Power by 1% for all heroes.
  • Junker Hunter: Defeat 100 enemies from Junktown.
    • Increases Haste by 1% for all heroes.