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A list of the various enemies you'll come into combat with throughout the world of Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

List Of Enemies[edit | edit source]

Bandits[edit | edit source]

Opportunistic outlaws and robbers accost travellers in the world of Battle Chasers.

Beasts[edit | edit source]

Aggressive creatures and monsters in the world.

Demons[edit | edit source]

Horrible entities from the beyond.

Lycelots[edit | edit source]

Lycelots are a vicious, wolf-like race.

Machines[edit | edit source]

Various machines and constructs.

Elementals[edit | edit source]

Elementals are arcane creatures imbued with mana.

Undead[edit | edit source]

The Undead include Skeletons and other foul beings.